Student Life

With God's grace, Saint Michael Catholic School has a diversity of academic programs and extra-curricular activities that are designed to promote health, wellness, and good sportsmanship. Students are recognized as leaders spiritually and morally by their selfless service within the school and parish community and beyond. And they have a lot of fun too!















Extra-Curricular Activities.

Saint Michael Catholic School is fortunate to have several afterschool activities and sports programs. Clubs will be a semester at a time with sports falling during their given season. Students participating in extra-curricular activities, including sports, must abide by a given athletic handbook, be present in school on the day of the activity, and carry academic averages at a C level or above, until the third quarter, where if a child is in danger of failing a single class, the child may not be allowed to participate  in any extra-curricular activity including athletics.


Crazy Sock Day!

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Cooking Club

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Pep Rally