Our curriculum follows the standards set forth by the Diocese of Charleston’s Catholic Schools Office.  Beginning in 2013, our Diocese partnered with Notre Dame University and the ACE Collaborative for Academic Excellence.  This is a sustained professional development program that strengthens curriculum, instruction, and assessment in Catholic schools by increasing collaboration among teachers. In other words, we endeavor to cultivate a learning community in which teachers share ideas and resources, toward the goal of improving their own curriculum and instruction. 

ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS:  Saint Michael Catholic School’s Integrated Language Arts program develops our students’ ability to utilize the skills of reading, writing, speaking, listening, and thinking as tools to ensure success in everyday life. We are confident that from this foundation, our students develop effective communication skills, an outlet for creativity, and an enjoyment of literature. The Superkids reading series and a variety of novels form the core of our Language Arts program, and students are also offered many opportunities to read and write according to their own interests.  With a final grade of 90% or above our graduating eighth graders receive high school credit for English I Honors upon graduation from our school. 

MATHEMATICS:  Math classes at Saint Michael Catholic School are lively and engaging. Children in grades K-8 use the Sadlier Mathematics program to develop skills in all areas of math. Teachers motivate their students to learn mathematical concepts through hands-on activities, games, and projects, with an emphasis on connecting math to real life. Similar to Language Arts, our eighth grade students are able to take Algebra I to earn high school credit prior to entering the high school program of their choice. 

SCIENCE & SOCIAL STUDIES:  Our Science program offers children in all grades the opportunity to explore Earth, Life, and Physical Sciences. After researching various topics, students participate in hands-on experiments to reinforce newly learned concepts. Our middle school students are also afforded the opportunity to compete in our annual Science Fair for the chance to attend the regional competition at Francis Marion University.  In Social Studies, we guide our students to understand and appreciate cultural differences. All students are introduced to civics, economics, geography, and history.

RELIGION:  Religious instruction is part of the daily classroom routine at Saint Michael Catholic School.  In grades PreK - 5, religion is taught by the classroom teacher and incorporated cross-curricularly throughout other subjects.  In middle school, students attend a daily religion class where they are able to expand their knowledge of the teachings of Jesus.  Our overall curriculum is a guideline for helping our students grow up in the Church.  Love, wisdom and the knowledge of Jesus Christ are its goals.

Other courses that allow them to receive high school credit, with a final grade of 90% or above, besides English I Honors and Algebra I Honors, are Spanish I and Keyboarding (technology).