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School Uniforms

Uniform Policy

All students are required to wear the school uniform beginning the first day of school.  The uniform should be kept clean and neat at all times.  Children should report to school well-groomed. 

Older boys must be clean shaven.  Hair should be neatly groomed (out of the eyes) and natural in color.  Boys' hair should be cut above the collar and above the eyebrow and no longer than mid-ear on the sides.  Uniform blouses and shirts must be worn inside skirts, shorts (skorts), or trousers for students in Grades K-6.  Belts are required for any garments with belt loops.  Skirt/skort/short length should be no shorter than 2" above the knee when kneeling.

Dress uniforms will be worn on Mass days and any other day designated by the principal.

One simple watch, ring, necklace and tasteful bracelet is permitted. Girls' earrings should be a single stud worn in the ear lobe or a small hoop/dangle no longer than 1 inch.  No other jewelry is permitted.  Tattoos are prohibited. Earrings on boys are prohibited.  Makeup including nail polish is prohibited except on out of uniform days or school spirit days.


Only St. Michael Catholic School sweaters are permitted in classrooms.  In addition, all clothing worn at school events (including non-uniform days - whether during or after school hours) must be modest, tasteful, and in accordance with Catholic moral standards.  Torn, faded, or oversized clothing is not allowed; no costumes/dress-ups, tank tops, muscle shirts, shirts which do not cover the mid-section, shirts/dresses with spaghetti straps, or see- through clothing is allowed.  Wording/language on clothing should be appropriate for school.  Shorts must be modest in length and tightness, once again, skirt/skort/short length should be no shorter than 2" above the knee when kneeling.  No flip-flops may be worn. Sandals with closed toes are permitted.


Purchasing Uniforms


Lands’ End website:

Preferred school code:  9001-2741-6

St. Michael Catholic School

542 Cypress Avenue

Murrells Inlet, SC  29576


Link address:

The school also has gently used uniforms available for purchase. Please contact the school office for details!